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Tammy Small booking health and nutrition coaching call

I know you're worried that feeding your family nutritious food is going to be hard. I know you're afraid it's going to mean bland, boring food, weird ingredients you've never heard of, and your kids and husband might revolt as soon as you start making changes. 

Take a deep breath with me. Whew. Feel better? I'm here to make this simple! I know that there is not a one-size-fits all solution. You need a personalized approach that takes your lifestyle, your unique goals and you and your entire family's preferences into account! 

Together we're going to create a custom plan that works for you and empowers you to fuel your body well, make your family happy and healthy and bring fun and connection back into mealtimes.


Let's Work Together!

Choose the Best fit for You

I provide multiple services so you can choose the path that best works for you! Whether you're a busy mom with kids in the home, an empty nester wanting to be the healthiest version of you in this new chapter, or anything in between, I can help you create a custom plan tailor made for you!

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